Research Projects

Current Projects

18) H2020 ICT-Health Project CONNECARE: Integrated Connected Care for Complex Chronic Patient, coordinated by Eurecat (Spain), years 2016-2019.

17) PON MIUR Project La Citta Educante,The Educational Smart City, years 2016-2018.

Past Projects

16) Bilateral Telecom-UNIMORE Industrial Project: "From Smart Cities to Thinking Cities" (2013-2014).

15) European FP7 CA Project: "FOCAS: Foundations of Collective Adaptive Systems, Coordination Actions", FET - Foundations of Collective Adaptive Systems Initiative (2013-2016).

14) European FP7 IP Project: "ASCENS: Autonomous Service Components Ensembles", local and WP4 coordinator: Franco Zambonelli, FET - Self-awareness in Autonomic Systems Initiative (2010-2014).

13) European FP7 STREP Project: "SAPERE: Self-aware Pervasive Service Ecosystems", Project Manager: Franco Zambonelli, FET - Self-awareness in Autonomic Systems Initiative (2010-2013).

12) European STREP: "SAFEWAY2SCHOOL", local coordinators: Roberto Montanari and Franco Zambonelli, FP7 Transport Initiative (2009-2010).

11) European Coordination Action: "PANORAMA: a Coordination Action on Pervasive Adaptation", Responsible for Training Activities: Franco Zambonelli, FET- Pervasive Adaptation Initiative (2008-2010).

10) PRIN 2007 Project: "WISELAND: Landslide Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks in the Emilia Romagna Apennines", Local Coordinator Franco Zambonelli, 2008-2010.

9) European Integrated Project: "CASCADAS: Componentware for Situation-aware and Dynamically Adaptable Services", Scientific Manager: Franco Zambonelli, FET-SAC Initiative (2006-2008).

8) Italian MIUR PRIN Project: "MENSA: Methodologies for the Engineering of Complex Systems" (2007-2008).

7)  ICT Inivitative Regione Emilina Romagna: “ "LAICA: Ambient Intelligence for A Friendly City ”, Global Coordinator: Comune di Reggio Emilia, Local Coordinator DISMI Unit: Franco Zambonelli (2005-2006).

6)NOKIA Project: “Coordination Models and Middleware for Mobile Devices”, Local Coordinator Franco Zambonelli (2001-2003).

5) CNR Project: “Global Applications in the Internet Area (GAIA)”, National Coordinator Antonio Corradi (2000-2001).

4) MURST Project “MOSAICO: Models and Tools for High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Systems, National Coordinator Luciano Lenzini, sub-project "Network Computing" (1998-99). I was local-coordinator of the Working Group on Distance Learning.

3) Project Human Capital and Mobility, “Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Complex Molecular Systems on Massively Parallel Distributed Memory Architectures” (1993/1996).

2) Bilateral CNR Project, “Dynamic Load Balancing in Massively Parallel Object Systems” (1993/1996), in cooperation with the Computer Science Department of the Leuven University (Belgium).

1) CNR Project, “Models and Tools for Massively Parallel Computing”, anni 1992-1993.